The success story of the Mannesmann brothers began with the invention of the process for producing seamless steel pipes in 1885. The Remscheid company became world famous and continued to expand into related industries with the same inventive spirit.

In 1931 the business started producing high-quality tools. Today, the traditional Remscheid location is the headquarters of the Brüder Mannesmann Werkzeug company, whose products are used all over the world.

We have written and continue to write the history of tools. Because this story is far from over. New and sustainable technologies will continue to transform the industry. We are driving these changes forward. With passion. Innovation. Competence. Partnership. Values ​​that are deeply anchored within us.

Our milestones

The brothers of the Mannesmann family founded their first company. Invention of the patented and world-famous seamless gas tubes and street lights.

Construction of the historic villa in Remscheid - Bliedinghausen as the administrative headquarters of the Mannesmann family. Today the administrative location of Brüder Mannesmann AG

Registration of Mannesmann Automobilwerke KG in the Remscheid commercial register. Production of agricultural machinery, trucks and cars.

Brothers Mannesmann GmbH was founded by the brothers Alfred and Carl Mannesmann

Founding of the subsidiary Brüder Mannesmann Werkzeug GmbH.
Production of hand and power tools for industry, crafts and specialist markets.

IPO of Brüder Mannesmann GmbH.

Under the leadership of managing directors Frank Schafstein and Moritz Schafstein, the company offers more than 8,000 products for trade and industry
& Handyman.

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